Hidden symbology
in the
poetical structure
Saint John's Apocalypse

Original Greek parallel version
(Working copy for private use)
Barcelona, October 15, 1993.
Manuel M. Domenech Izquierdo


I would like to express my sincere thanks to the following people, who helped me in the technological procedures and review the versions of this work. Almost all of their suggestions have been incorporated in this paper:
(*) All the work around the symbolism of the instances of some words is due to Ramón Olmos.

Isabel Abelló, M. A.; P. José M. Alba S.J., M. A.; Dr. Federico de Alemany Ferrer, M. Th. (Ph. Dr.); P. Sebastián Bartina S.J. M. Th. (Ph. Dr.); P. Ignacio Borrull, Priest; Dr. Raoul Cerratti, German Historian, University of Oxford; Antonio M. Domenech, young student; José Luis Domínguez, accountant; Juana Expósito, M.A.; Fray Jorge M. Falasco, Cartucian M. Dr.; Jorge García, B. A.; Angela Guillén, M. A.; Jesús Jarabo; Isabel Lamarca, M. A.; Cristina Nogués, M. A.; José M. Núñez, Civil Engineer; José O'Callaghan S.J., M. Th. (Ph. Dr.); Domitille Odoux; Susana Olive, Mather of Family; Ramón Olmos(*) , M. SC. (Special); Cándido Pousada; Carlos Rey, Civil Engineer; Buenaventura Roure, Civil Engineer; Francisco Sales, Civil Engineer; Felix Saltor, Civil Engineer; Josep M. Serra; P. José M. Solé Romá C.M.F., M. Th. (Ph. Dr.) (ž); José M. Soler, Civil Engineer; Juan Tubau, Civil Engineer; Mn. Eduardo Vivas, Priest.

I would appreciate receiving any comments, suggestions or contributions that you might wish to make on this work. Please, write to:
                    Manuel M. Domenech Izquierdo
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The new discovery

When I was a boy, I heard a preach on the Apocalypse. The priest told us how important it is the fact that things are seen and heard in it. Keeping this in mind I once found seven visions in between the letters to the seven churches and the theme of the seven seals in Saint John's Apocalypse, I also searched for seven occurrences of the verb "to see" after the seven trumpets, and finally I found three sets composed each of seven visions.

Then I wanted to emphasise this structure. To do this I began writing the Apocalypse, using a text processing system in my own computer. When I finished the prologue, as the text processing system forced me to mark the beginning of the paragraphs, I discovered seven paragraphs, and looking in detail I saw also seven main phrases or twelve as in the sixth paragraph.

I found also similar structures in the rest of the text, and this is what I attempt to show in this paper.

There are also verses of 3 or 9 lines when the role of God is important.

The criteria to begin a new line is mainly the conjunction "and" or "also", which in Greek is the same word. The relative pronouns, the imperatives, and the words "nor", "but", "there", "for", "so", "because", "until", "like", "for", "where" and the repetitions of the same word, are also a reason to begin a new line, but this does not occur as many times as with the word "and",

In some cases, it has been prefered to ignore the word "and" in order to split a line and then the ocurrences of "and" are indicated by a number between brackets. It is to be noted that this "and" could also be utilized to split the lines. This happens in Ap. 11,7-9 and in Ap. 14,9-10.

Depending on the criteria, other structures can be found. These are indicated whith titles and numbers on the right margin.

Saint John's 40 personal visions

Apart from the main vision of Ap. 1,12 that, in some way, includes all the Apocalipse, we found forty personal visions or occurrences of the verb "I saw" which we will note with numbers inside parenthesis.

This can be important in relation with the parallelism that exists between the Apocalipse and the book of Exode.

These forty personal visions match the elements of the seven chapters in the structure presented in this paper except, of course, in the seven letters to the seven churches and, also in the following cases: Ap. 4,2-3 and Ap. 4,4-11, which do not contain the verb "I saw"; Ap. 16,12-16, which is another vision inside the more general one of the seven bowls; Ap.20,11-15 and Ap. 21,1-5a, which can not be split as verses of 7 or 12 lines. Finally, from Ap. 11,19 until Ap. 12,18, Sant John does not write "I saw", he writes "it was seen", instead.

The third and fourth themes can be structured by following the visions, instead of looking at seals and trumpets. This is indicated in the text with titles shown on the right margin. Doing this results in the following division.

                          III - The History                     
      1. Visión 6: La apertura del primer sello                     
      2. Visión 7: El Jinete vencedor y la guerra                     
      3. Visión 8: El hambre                     
      4. Visión 9: La peste                     
      5. Visión 10: El clamor de los Mártires                     
      6. Visión 11: El terremoto                     
      7. Visión 12: Los cuatro ángeles                     

                          IV - The consummation                     
      1. Visión 13: Los 144.000 Sellados                     
      2. Visión 14: Los Santos                     
      3. Visión 15: Conmoción cósmica                     
      4. Visión 16: El águila voladora                     
      5. Visión 17: El humo de Satanás                     
      6. Visión 18: Los ejércitos del Eufrates                     
      7. Visión 19: Elías y Enoc                     

The heard voices

       In the seven themes, voices are heard as follows:

                    The Lamb's vision: 9 voices                     
                    The seven seals: 12 voices                     
                    The seven trumpets: 12 voices                     
                    The big war: 7 voices                     
                    The doom of Babylon: 7+12 or 12+7 voices                     
                    The New Jerusalem: 9 voices

which added to the prologue's ones: Ap. 1,11 and Ap. 1,17, give us a total of 70 voices, which is to say ten times seven. The first two will be indicated on the right margin as (voice 1,70) and (voice 2,70). The other with the occurence number inside the theme.

The Poems

There are some structures with seven verses each. These had been found:

      1. Poema de los tronos                     
      2. Poema del Cordero                     
      1. Poema de los dos testigos                     
      2. Poema de la mujer y el dragón                     
      3. Poema de las dos bestias                     
      4. Poema del Hijo del Hombre                     
      5. Poema de Babilonia                     
      6. Poema del castigo de Babilonia                     
      7. Poema del aleluya celestial                     
      8. Poema escatológico: El final de la historia                     
      9. Poema de Jerusalén                     

Instances of some words

Many authors have found a symbolic value on the instances of some words. The "macarisms" (blessings) and the "I will come" are known examples.

The instances are indicated here with numbers after the words. If there are three numbers their meaning is the instance, the scene and the total instances. If there are two, the instance and the total. If there is only one it is a repetition located in one scene.

The words that appear seven instances are: Christ, "I will come", endurance, worthy, prepare, lampstand, Abyss, reign, flesh, full, sickle, sharp, clothes, blessed, cloud, fornication, prophecy, earthquake, sign and mark.
       The following words are found twelve times: power, to repent, elders, smoke, to speak, to be invested with, bowl and to know.
       The name of Jesus appears 14 times, that is 2 times seven.
       Almighty (Pantocrator) has 9 instances, which is to say 3 times 3.
       Babylon appears six times.
       The Lamb appears 28 times but the word "lamb" is found 29 because it is said that the beast coming from the earth has "horns like a lamb". You will notice, 28, in addition of being 4 times 7, is a triangular number whose sides equal to the number 7: (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28). There are 12 references to the Lamb from the first vision in Ap. 5,6-10 until the appearance of the beast of the sea, and 9 from the second important vision of the Lamb with the 144,000 in Ap. 14,1-2 until the heavenly allelujah because of the doom of Babylon. Finally there are 7 references in the vision of the new Jerusalem. This will be indicated in the text by three numbers after the word "Lamb". Their meanings are the instance, the occurrences in the group and the total number of occurrences.
       Judge is repeated 4 times and judgment 3, which gives us a total of 7. But all of this is not indicated in this booklet. It could be that not all of this numeric data have a symbolism, but this is what is to be investigated. It seems to be clear that an intention is present.


Although the final version is not yet finished, it can be easilly seen that against the general opinion, Saint John's Apocalypse has an overall plan from one author, from the first line until the last one.

Its style, which has no equal in the universal literature, makes it true, as it is told in Ap.22,18-19, that no word can be added or taken off.

It's wonderful to see that the art developed with the rhythm of the ideas, allows its splendor in any language. Any other resource as rhyme or metrics does not allow for that. This makes easy the meditation as well as the public declamation of the book.
       In my humble opinion the text processing has been a great help to the humans. The specialists can continue finding more symbolisms or refining what has been found, but this work is enough to state what has been said, except for the Church judgement.


       The paragraphs are the verses and their lines marked this way:                               

                                 First line
                                 Second line
                                 Third line
                                 Fourth line
                                 Fifth line
                                 Sixth line
                                 Seventh line
       Sometimes the paragraph is composed of seven main phrases, sometimes twelve or even seven main and five secondaries, which give us a total of twelve. Then the structure is shown in this manner:                               

                                 First line (1)
                                      ancillary line (2)
                                 Second line (3)
                                 Third line (4)
                                      ancillary line (5)
                                      ancillary line (6)
                                 Fourth line (7)
                                 Fifth line (8)
                                      ancillary line (9)
                                 Sixth line (10)
                                 Seventh line (11)
                                      ancillary line (12)
       Or, when the division is less strong, with signs like this (_) or (.) at the beginning of each ancillary part.
       Sometimes there is a seven line structure distributed along two other seven line structures. This case will be presented this way:                               

                                 First line [1]
                                      Second line
                                      Third line.
                                 Fourth line [2]
                                 Fifth line [3]
                                      Sixth line
                                      Seventh line.                               


                                 First line [4]
                                      Second line
                                      Third line.
                                 Fourth line [5]
                                 Fifth line [6]
                                 Sixth line [7]
                                      Seventh line.                               

There are sentences, which in turn, are made up of seven sintactical elements. Then the sign (_) or (.) is added to precede each one of them.

Finally, when there are 7 or 12 sets of sets of 7 or 12 lines, they are numbered on the left margin to make the structure clear.

Prologue and main Vision

   1. (Ap. 1,1-4a) - 1 - [Saint John's prologue]

   The revelation of Jesus (1,14) Christ (1,7),
        which God gave Him
        to show His servants what must soon take place,
   and he signified by sending His angel to His servant John,
        who testified the word of God,
   and the testimony of Jesus (2,14) Christ (2,7),
        all which he have seen.
   Blessed (1,7) is the one who reads
   and those who hear the words of this prophecy (1,7),
   and take to heart what is written in it,
        because the time is near.
   John, to the seven churches which are in Asia:

   2. (1,4b-5a) - 2 -

        Grace to you,
             and peace,
        from Him who is, ●  ●
        and who was,
        and who is to come,
        and from the seven spirits ●   
             which are before his throne,
        and from Jesus (3,14) Christ (3,7), ●   
             the faithful,
             the witness,
             the firstborn from the dead
        and the ruler of the kings of the earth.

   3. (1,5b-6) - 3 -

        To Him who loves us
        and has freed us
             from our sins
             by his blood,
        and has made us to be a kingdom
             priests to serve his God
             and Father,
        to Him be glory
        and domain
        for ever
             and ever!

   4. (1,7-8) - 4 -

        Look, _he is coming _with the clouds (1,7)
        and every eye will see Him,
        and those who pierced Him;
        and all the peoples _of the earth _will mourn _because of Him.
        So shall it be!
        "I am...

             I am the Alpha
             and the Omega, says the Lord ●   
             the [One who is] God, ●   
             who is,
             and who was,
             and who is to come,
             the Almighty (1,9)." ●   

   5. (1,9-11) - 5 -

   .I, .John, ..your .brother .and .companion .7
        .in .the .suffering,
        .and (in the) .kingdom
        .and (in the) .endurance (1,7) .in .Jesus (4,14), .9
   .was .on .the .island, .the one .called .Patmos .7
        .because .of the .word .of .God
        .and .the .testimony .of Jesus (5,14). .9
   .I was .in .the Spirit (on) .the .day .of the .Lord .7
   .and .I heard .behind .me .a loud .voice .like .a trumpet, .which said: .9
   _.«Write _.on .a scroll _.what .you see (voice 1,70)
   _.and .send it _.to the .seven _.churches:
        .to .Ephesus .12
        .and .to .Smyrna
        .and .to .Pergamum
        .and .to .Thyatira .9
        .and .to .Sardis
        .and .to .Philadelphia
        .and .to .Laodicea». .9

   6. (1,12-17a) - 6 - [Includes from Ap. 1,12 until Ap. 22,19]
Ap. 22,20 is the Saint John's epilogue.

- Main Vision -

   .And [there] .I turned round .to see .the .voice .that (was) .speaking (1,12) .to .me; .9
   .and .when I turned .I saw .seven .golden .lampstands (1,7), .and [.in] .between .the [.seven] .lampstands (2,7) .12
        (was) .someone similar .to a son .of man, .clothed .down to his feet, .5
   .and .with .a golden .sash .round .his .chest; .7
   ..his .head .and .the .hair .of (were) [white] .like (1) .wool, .white .like (2) .snow, .12
   .and ..his .eyes (were) .like (3) .blazing .fire, .7
   .and ..his .feet (were) .like (4) .bronze .glowing .in (a) .furnace, .9
   .his .voice (was) .also .inflamed .like (5) .the .sound .of rushing .waters, .9
   .and .in ..his .right .hand .he held .seven .stars, .9
   .and .out of ..his .mouth .came .a sharp (1,7) .double-edged .sword, .9
   .and ..his .face (was) .like (6) .the .sun .shining .in all ..its .power (1,12), .12
   .and .when .I saw .Him, .I fell .at ..his .feet .like (7) .dead. .4 .7
   .And .he placed ..his .right [.hand] .on .me .and said: .9

   7. (1,17b-20)

  - I - [Jesus Christ's words]
   [«.Do not .be afraid.] [1]
   .I .am .the .First [2]●
        .and .the .Last, (voice 2,70)●
        .and .the .Living One, .12
   .and .I was .dead, [3]
        .and .behold -.I am .alive -.for ..ever -.and .ever, .12
   .and .I hold .the .keys -.of the .Death -.and .the .Hades. .9 [4]

- II -

   ".Write, .therefore, .what .you have seen, [5]●
        .and .what .is now .7
        .and .what .will .take place .after .that. .6
   .The .mystery .of the .seven .stars .5 [6]
        .that .you saw .in .my .right .hand .and (of) .the .seven .lampstands (3,7) .of .gold: .12
   .the .seven .stars .are .the angels .of the .seven .churches, .5 .3 [7]
        .and .the .lampstands (4,7), .the .seven, .are the [seven] .churches». .7

  - III - [Includes from Ap. 2,1 until Ap. 22,11]
The Jesus Christ's words follow on Ap. 22,12

I - Letters to the seven churches

1. To the Church in Ephesus


   To the angel of the church in Ephesus write: 1.[1]
       _These _are the words _of him who holds _the seven _stars _in his _right hand, [2]
       .who walks .among .the seven .golden .lampstands (5,7): [3]
   I know (1,12) your deeds 2.[4]
        and your hard work [5]
        and your endurance (2,7) [6]
   and that... 3.[7]

             and that you can not tolerate wicked men,
             and that you have tested those who claim to be apostles
             and are not,
             and have found them false;
             and you have had endurance (3,7)
             and have had hardships for my Name,
             and have not grown weary.
   Yet... 4.[8]

             Yet I hold this against you: _you have forsaken your first love.
             Remember _then _the height from which you have fallen,
             and repent (1,1,12)
             and do the things you did at first.
             If not, _I will come (1,7) to you
             and remove your lampstand (6,7) _from its place,
             if you do not repent (2,1,12).

   But you have this: You hate the practices of Nicolaitans, which I also hate. 5.[9]
_He who _has _an ear, _let him hear _what the Spirit _says _to the churches. 6.[10]
.To him who overcomes, .I will give .the right to eat .from the tree .of life, 7.[11]
       .which is in the paradise .of my God. [12]

2. To the Church in Smyrna


   To the angel of the church in Smyrna write: 1.[1]1 
       These are the words of him who is the first [2]2 
              and the last,
       who died [3]4 
              and came to life again.
   I know (2,12) your afflictions 2.[4]6 
       and your poverty, [5]7 
              yet you are rich,
       and the slander of those who say they are Jews [6]9 
              and are not, 10
              but are a synagogue of Satan. 11
   Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. 3.[7]12

   I tell you, _the devil will put some of you in prison 4.[8]1 
                    to test you,
       and you will suffer persecution _for ten days. [9]3 
   Be faithful, _even to the point of death, 5.[10]4 
                    and I will give you the crown of life.
   He who has an ear, _let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 6.[11]6 
   He who overcomes will not be hurt at all _by the second death. 7.[12]7 

3. To the Church in Pergamum


  To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: 1.[1]
       .These .are the words .of him who has .the sharp (2,7) .sword .of two .edges. [2]
  I know... 2.[3]

             I know (3,12) where you live: where Satan has his throne;
             and you remain true to my name,
             and you did not renounce your faith in me,
             and even in the days of Antipas,
             my faithful,
             my witness,
             who was put to death in your city, where Satan lives.
 Nevertheless... 3.[4]

             Nevertheless, I have a few things against you:
             You have people there who hold the teaching _of Balaam,
             who taught Balak to entice the sons _of Israel to sin
             by eating _what has been sacrificed _to idols
             and by committing sexual immorality.
             you also have those who hold to the teaching _of the Nicolaitans.

   Repent (3,2,12) therefore; 4.[5]
   otherwise, I will soon come (2,7) to you 5.[6]
        and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. [7]
   He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 6.[8]
   To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. 7.[9]
        I will also give him a white stone [10]
        with a new name written on it, [11]
        known (4,12) only to him who receives it. [12]

4. To the Churh in Thyatira


   And to the angel of the church in Thyatira write: 1

        .These .are the words .of the Son .of God,
        .who has .the eyes .like blazing .fire
        .and the feet .of him .like burnished .bronze.

   I know (5,12) your deeds 2
   and love
   and faith
   and service
   and endurance (4,7)
   and that you are now doing
   more than you did at first.

   Nevertheless, I have against you _that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, 3
   who calls herself a prophetess
   and teaches
   and misleads my servants _into sexual immorality
   and the eating of food _sacrificed to idols
   and I have given her time _to repent (4,3,12)
   and doesn't want repent (5,3,12) _of her fornication (1,7),

   so I will cast her on a bed, 4
   and I will make those who commit adultery with her _suffer intensely,
   unless they repent (6,3,12) _of her ways;
   and I will strike her children dead
   and then all the churches will see _that I am he who searches hearts
   and minds,
   and I will repay each of you _according to your deeds.

   Now I say 5
   to the rest of you _in Thyatira,
   to you who do not hold _to her teaching
   he who have not learned the deep secrets _of Satan's
   I will not impose _any other burden on you,
   only hold on what you have _until I come.

   To him who overcomes 6
   and does my will to the end,
   I will give authority _over the nations
   and he will rule _with an iron sceptre
   he will dash them to pieces _like pottery,
   just as I have received authority _from my Father
   and I will also give him the star _of the morning.

   He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 7

5. To the Church in Sardis


   To the angel of the church in Sardis write: 1.[1]1
       .These are the words .of him who holds _.the seven .spirits .of God [2]2
              .and the seven .stars: 3
   I know (6,12) your deeds: _you have a reputation of being alive, 2.[3]4
              and you are dead. 5
   .Wake up 3.[4]6
       .and strengthen ._what remains .and is about to die, [5]7
                      [._for I have not found your deeds complete ._in the sight .of my God.
             Remember, _therefore, _what you have received 4.[6]1
             and heard; 2
             and obey it 3
             and repent (7,4,12). 4
             But if you do not wake up, 5
             I will come _like a thief, 6
             and you will not know at what time _I will come _to you. 7

   .Yet you have a few people .in Sardis .who have not soiled their clothes (1,7), 5.[7]1
       .and they will walk .with me, .in white, ._for they are worthy (1,7). [8]2
   He who overcomes will, like them, be invested (1,12) with white clothes (2,7), 6.[9]3
       and I will never blot out his name _from the book _of life, [10]4
       and will acknowledge his name _before my Father [11]5
              and before his angels. 6
   He who has an ear, _let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 7.[12]7

6. To the Church in Philadelphia


   And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: 1

   These are the words _of him who is holy, 2●
   who is true,
   who holds the key _of David.
   who he _opens
   and no one _can shut,
   who he shuts
   and no one _can open.

   I know (7,12) your deeds: [*] 3

_See, _I have placed _before you _an open _door _that no one _can shut.

   * I know that you have little power (2,12)
   * yet you have kept my word
   * and have not denied my name.

   _I will make those who are _of the synagogue _of Satan, 4
   who claim to be Jews
   and they are not,
   but are liars.
   I will make them _come
   and fall down _at your feet
   and acknowledge that I have loved you.

   Since you have kept my word _about my endurance (5,7), 5
   I will also keep you _from the hour _of trial
   that is going to come _upon the whole world,
   to test those who live _on the earth.
   I am coming (3,7) soon.
   Hold on to what you have,
   so that no one will take your crown.

   Him who overcomes I will make a pillar _in the temple _of my God, 6
   and never again will he leave it,
   and I will write on him the name _of my God,
   and the name _of the city _of my God,
   the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of the heaven
   from my God,
   and my new name.

   He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 7

7. To the Church in Laodicea


   And to the angel of the Church in Laodicea write: 1.[1]
        _These are _the words _of the Amen, ●●●[2]
        _the faithful _and true _witness, ●●●[3]
        _the ruler _of God's _creation. ●●●[4]
   I know (8,12) your deeds; that you are neither cold nor hot. 2.[5]
   I wish... 3.[6]

             I wish you were either one or the other!
                  So, because you are lukewarm,
                  neither hot nor cold,
                  I am about to spit you out of my mouth.
             You say: «I am rich;
                  and I have acquired wealth
                  and do not need thing»,
             and you don't know (9,12) that you are wretched,
             and pitiful
             and poor
             and blind
             and naked,
   I counsel... 4.[7]
             I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire,
                  so that you can become rich;
             and white clothes (3,7)
                  to invest (2,12) you with,
                  so that you can cover your shameful nakedness;
             and salve,
                  to put on your eyes,
                  so that you can see.
             Those whom I love I rebuke
             and discipline.
             So be earnest,
             and repent (8,5,12).
   Here... 5.[8]

             Here I am standing _at the door
             and knocking;
             If anyone hears _my voice
             and opens the door,
             I will come into _their house
             and eat _with him
             and he _with me.

   _To him who overcomes, _I will give the right to sit with me _on my throne, 6.[9]
        _just as I overcame [10]
        _and sat down _with my Father _on his throne. [11]
   He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 7.[12]

II - The Lamb's vision

1. Vision 1: A door in heaven

Poem of the thrones

(4,1-11) [-1-]-[-7-]
 (4,1) - 1 -

   After this I saw (1)
   and there before me was a door _standing open _in heaven,
   and the voice,
   the one I had first heard _speaking (2,12) to me _like a trumpet said:
   «Come up here, (voice 1)
   and I will show you what must take place _after this».
   At once I was in the Spirit.

2. The throne

 (4,2-3) - 2 -

   And there before me _was a throne (1) _which was in heaven,
   and on the throne (2) _someone sitting on it,
   and the one who sat there
   had the appearance _of jasper
   and carnelian,
   and a rainbow _encircling the throne (3),
   had the appearance of an emerald,

3. Twenty-four thrones

 (4,4-6) - 3 -

   And surrounding the throne (4), twenty-four thrones, 1.[1]
   and seated 2.[2]
               on the thrones
                      were twenty-four
                             elders (1,1,12)
                                    invested (3,12)
                                           with white
                                                  clothes (4,7)
   and [had] crowns of gold on their heads 3.[3]
   and from the throne (5) came flashes of lightning 4.[4]●
        and rumblings
        and peals of thunder;
   and before the throne (6), seven lamps were blazing, 5.[5]
        which are the seven spirits of God;
   and before the throne (7) there was what looked like a sea of glass clear as crystal. 6.[6]
   And in the middle of the throne (8) 7.[7]
        and around the throne (9), were four living creatures full (1,7) of eyes in front
        and behind.

 (4,7-8a) - 4 -

   And the first living creature was _like a lion, 1.[8]
   and the second was _like an ox, 2.[9]
   and the third had a face like a man, 3.[10]
   and the fourth was _like a flying eagle. 4.[11]
   And each _of the four living creatures had six wings around 5.[12]
   and they were full (2,7) of eyes inside; 6.[13]
   and day _and night they never stop saying: 7.[14]

 (4,8b) - 5 - (voice 2)
   [is the] Lord
   the [one who is] God
   the Almighty (2,9),
   who was,
   and is,
   and is to come».

 (4,9-10) - 6 -

   Whenever the living creatures give glory, 1.[18]●
   and honour
   and thanks _to him who sits on the throne (10)
   and who lives for ever _and ever,
   the twenty-four elders (2,2,12) fall down _before him who sits on the throne (11),
   and worship him who lives for ever _and ever, 2.[19]
   and they lay their crowns _before the throne (12) saying: 3.[20]

 (4,11) - 7 - (voice 3)

   «You are worthy (2,7), _our Lord 4.[21]
   and God, _to receive _glory 5.[22]●
   and honour
   and power (3,12),
   for you created _all things,
   and by your will _they did not exist 6.[23]
   and were created». 7.[24]

(24 elders: 7+7+3+7)

4. Vision 2: The scroll with seven seals

Poem of the Lamb

   (5,1) - 1 - (5,1-14) [-1-]-[-7-]

   Then I saw (2)
        in the right hand _of him who sat _on the throne
               a scroll
                      with writing inside
                             and outside
                                    fully sealed
                                           with seven seals.

5. Vision 3: The Angel and the Elder

   (5,2-5) - 2 -

   And I saw (3) a mighty angel _who was proclaiming _in a loud voice,
   .«Who .is worthy (3,7) ._to open .the scroll (voice 4)
   .and break .the seals .of it?».
   And no one _in heaven
   or on earth
   or under the earth could _open the scroll
   or look inside it.

- 3 -

   And I wept a lot
   because no one was found who was worthy (4,7) _to open the scroll
   or look inside it.
   And one of the elders (3,3,12) said to me, .._«Do not weep! (voice 5)
   ..See, .the Lion .._of the tribe .._of Judah has triumphed,
   ..the Root .of David, .._He is able to open .the scroll
   ..and its .seven .seals».

6. Vision 4: The beheaded Lamb

   (5,6) - 4 -

   And then, standing in the centre _of the throne,
   and the four living creatures,
   and encircled by the elders (4,3,12), _I saw (4) a Lamb [1,12,28]
   like if it had been slain.
   He had seven horns
   and seven eyes,

   .which are .the seven .spirits ._of God ._sent out ._into all .the earth.

 (5,7-9a) - 5 -

   And he came
   and took [the scroll] from the right hand
        of him who sat
        on the throne.
   And when he had taken it,
        the four living creatures
   and the twenty-four elders (5,3,12)
        fell down before the Lamb [2,12,28],
        having each one a harp
   and they were holding golden bowls (1,12) full (3,7) of incense,
   which are the prayers of the saints.
   And they sang a new song:

 (5,9b-10) - 6 - (voice 6)

             «You are worthy (5,7) to take the scroll
             and to open its seals,
             because you were slain,
             and with your blood
                  you purchased men for God
             from every tribe
                  and language
                  and people
                  and nation,
             and you have made them to be kings
                  and priests,
             and they will reign (1,7) on the earth».

7. Vision 5: The hymne of the creation

   (5,11-14) - 7 -

   Then I saw (5) 1.[1]
   and heard like a voice of many angels surrounding the throne 2.[2]
        and the living creatures [3]
        and the elders (6,3,12), [4]
   and they number ten thousands times ten thousands 3.[5]
        and thousand times thousand, saying in a loud voice: [6]
   «Worthy (6,7) is the Lamb [3,12,28], 4.[7]
        who was slain, [8]
        to receive power (4,12) (voice 7)
        and wealth
        and wisdom
        and strength
        and honour
        and glory
        and praise!».
   Then I heard... 5.[9]

        Then I heard every creature
        in heaven
        and on earth
        and under the earth
        and on the sea,
        and all that is in them,

             «To him who sits _on the throne (voice 8)
             and to the Lamb [4,12,28]
             be praise
             and honour
             and glory
             and authority,
             for ever _and ever!».
(voice 9)
   The four living creatures said, «Amen», 6.[10]
   and the elders (7,3,12) fell down 7.[11]
        and worshipped. [12]

III - The seven seals

(On the right margin you can see the titles when the divisions of the third and fourth themes are done by means of the visions)

 III - The history

1. First seal: The white horse

1. Vision 6: The first seal opened

   (6,1-2) 9 (3 times 3) lines in the verse. This could refer to God.

   _And I saw (6) _when the Lamb [5,12,28] opened the first _of the seven seals, [1].1
   _and I heard one _of the four living creatures say _in a voice like thunder, [2].2
   _«Come!». (voice 1)[3].3

2. Vision 7: The conqueror and the war

   And I saw (7), [1].4
   and there before me was a white horse, [2].5
   and its rider held a bow, [3].6
   and he was given a crown, [4].7
   and he rode out victorious [5].8
.sc c / and to defeat./ /[6].9/

2. Second seal: The red horse


   And when he opened the second seal, [7].1
   I heard the second living creature _say: 2
   «Come!». (voice 2) [8].3
   and another horse came out, _a fiery red one, [9].4
   and its rider _was given power to take out peace _from the earth [10].5
   and to make men slay _each other, [11].6
   and to him was given a large sword. [12].7

3. Third seal: The black horse

3. Vision 8: The famine


   And when he opened the third seal,
        I heard the third living creature say:
         «Come!». (voice 3)
   And I saw (8),
   and there before me was a black horse,
   and its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand.
   And I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying: (voice 4)
        «A quenix(*) of wheat for a denar(*) ,
   and three quenix of barley for a denar;
   and do not damage
        the oil
        and the wine».
(*) 1 quenix = 1.094 litre
(*) One denar was a day's wage

4. Fourth seal: The yellow horse

4. Vision 9: The plague


   And when he opened the fourth seal,
        I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say:
        «Come!». (voice 5)
   And I saw (9),
   and there before me was a pale horse,
   and its rider was named Death,
   and the Hades was following close behind him,
   and they were given power over a fourth of the earth
        to kill by sword
        and by famine
        and by plague,
   and by the wild beasts of the earth.

5. Fifth seal: Clamour for justice

5. Vision 10: The saints clamour for justice


   And when he opened the fifth seal,
   I saw (10) under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God
        and the testimony they had maintained,
   And they called out in a loud voice, (voice 6)
   «How long, Sovereign Lord,
        and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth
        and avenge our blood?».
   And then each of them was given a white robe,
   and they were told to wait a little longer,
   until the number of their fellow-servants was completed,
        and their brothers were to be killed as they had been.

6. Sixth seal: Great tribulation

6. Vision 11: The earthquake

   1. (6,12-14)

   And I saw (11) when he opened the sixth seal,
   and there was a great earthquake (1,7),
   and the sun turned black _like a sackcloth made of goat hair,
   and the whole moon turned blood red,
   and the stars
        in the sky
               fell to earth
                     _like late figs drop
                             from a fig-tree
                                   _when shaken
                                           by a strong wind,
   and the sky receded _like a scroll, rolling up,
   and every mountain _and island was removed from its place.

   2. (6,15-17)

   And the kings...
        And the kings .of the earth,
        and the princes,
        and the generals,
        and the rich,
        and the mighty,
        and every slave
        and every free man .hid .in caves .and among the rocks .of the mountains,

   and they called to the mountains _and the rocks:
   «Fall on us (voice 7)
   and hide us _from the face _of him who sits on the throne
   and from the wrath _of the Lamb [6,12,28],
   for the great day _of their wrath has come,
   and who can stand?».

7. Vision 12: The four angels

   3. (7,1)

   After this _I saw (12) _four _angels standing
   at the four corners _of the earth,
   holding back the four winds _of the earth
   to prevent any wind
   from blowing on the land
   or on the sea
   or on any tree.

      IV - The consumation

1. Vision 13: The 144.000 sealed

   4. (7,2-8) [4 * 7 = 28 + 12 = 40]

_And I saw (13) another angel _coming up _from the rise _of the sun, _having _the seal _of the living God,

   .and he called out .in a loud voice .to the four angels
        .who had been given power .to harm .the land
        .and the sea:
 -«Do not harm the land (voice 8)
        _or the sea
        _or the trees
_until we put a seal _on the forehead _of the servants _of our God».

   .And then I hear .the number .of those who were sealed:

   .144,000 sealed
        .from all the tribes .of the sons .of Israel.
   from the tribe...
             from the tribe of Judah, 12,000 were sealed,
             from the tribe of Reuben, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Gad, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Asher, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Nephtali, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Manasseh, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Simeon, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Levi, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Issachar, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Zebulun, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Joseph, 12,000,
             from the tribe of Benjamin, 12,000 were sealed.

2. Vision 14: The Saints

   5. (7,9-10)

   After this I saw (14)
   and there before me was a great multitude
        that no one could count, from every nation
        and tribe
        and people
        and language, standing before the throne
   and in front of the Lamb [7,12,28], invested (4,12) with white robes
   and were holding palm branches in their hands.
   And they cried out in a loud voice: (voice 9)
   «Salvation belongs to our God,
        who sits on the throne,
   and to the Lamb [8,12,28]».

   6. (7,11-12)

   And all the angels were standing round the throne
   and round the elders (8,4,12)
   and the four living creatures,
   and they fell down on their faces _before the throne
   and worshiped God, saying:
   «Amen. (voice 10)
        and glory
        and wisdom
        and thanks
        and honour
        and power (5,12)
        and strength _be to our God _for ever _and ever. _Amen».

   7. (7,13-17)
(voice 11)
   And one of the elders (9,4,12) asked me: [1]
   «These, invested (5,12) with white robes who are they, [2]
   and where did they come from?» [3]
   I answered: [4]
   «Sir, you know (10,12)». [5]
   And he said: [6]
   «These are... (voice 12)
        «These are they who come out of the great tribulation; (1)[7]
        and they have washed their robes (2)[8]
        and made them white in the blood of the Lamb [9,12,28]. (3)[9]
       [Therefore they are before the throne of God [10]
        and serve him day and night in his temple, (4)[11]
        and he who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. (5)[12]

        "Never again will they hunger; (6)[1]
        never again will they thirst, (7)[2]
        and the sun will not beat upon them, (8)[3]
        nor any scorching heat, (9)[4]
        for the Lamb [10,12,28] at the centre of the throne will be their shepherd, (10)[5]
        and he will lead them to springs of living water, (11)[6]
        and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes». (12)[7]

7. Seventh seal: Silence in heaven.

3. Vision 15: Cosmic commotion


_And when he opened _the seventh _seal, _there was _silence _in heaven _for about half an hour.
   And I saw (15) the seven angels who stand before God,
   and to them were given seven trumpets.
   And another...
        And another angel came
        and stood at the altar.
        He had a golden censer,
        and he was given much incense,
        to offer with the prayers of all the saints,
        on the golden altar
        before the throne.
   And the smoke (1,1,12)
        of the incense,
               together with the prayers
                      of the saints,
                             went up
                                    before God
                                           from the angel's hand.
   And the angel
        And the angel took the censer,
        and filled it with fire from the altar,
        and hurled it on the earth;
        and there came peals of thunder
        and rumblings
        and flashes of lightning
        and an earthquake (2,7).

_And the seven _angels _who had _the seven _trumpets _prepared (1,7) _to sound them.

IV - The seven trumpets

1. First and second trumpets


   And the first angel sounded his trumpet,
   and there came hail
        and fire mixed with blood,
   and it was hurled down upon the earth;
   and a third of the earth was burnt up,
        and a third of the trees were burnt up,
        and all the green grass was burned up.

   And the second angel sounded his trumpet;
   and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea;
   and a third of the sea turned into blood,
        and a third of the living creatures in the sea died, which were alive,
        and a third of the ships were destroyed.

2. Third trumpet: The fall of the star


   And the third angel sounded his trumpet,
   and a _great star, _blazing _like a torch, fell from the sky
   and fell on a third of the rivers
   and on the springs of water.
   And the name of the star is «Wormwood»,
   and a third of the waters turned bitter,
   and many people died _from the waters _that had become bitter.

3. Fourth trumpet: The great wound


   And the fourth angel sounded his trumpet;
   and a third _of the sun was struck,
   and a third _of the moon,
   and a third _of the stars,
   so that a third _of them turned dark,
   and a third _of the day was without light,
   and also a third of the night.

4. Interlude: Announcement of the three woes

4. Vision 16: The flying eagle


   And I saw (16),
   and I heard _an eagle flying _in mid-air
   call out _in a loud voice:
   «Woe! (voice 1)
   Woe to the inhabitants of the earth,
   because of the trumpets blasts _about to be sounded _by the other three angels!».

5. Fifth trumpet: First woe!

5. Vision 17: The Satan's smoke


   And the fifth angel sounded his trumpet. [1]


   And I saw (17) a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth, [2]
   and the star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss (1,7).
   And he opened the shaft of the Abyss (2,7),
   and smoke (2,2,12) rose from it _like the smoke (3,2,12) from a gigantic furnace,
   and the sun _and the sky were darkened _by the smoke (4,2,12) from the shaft.
   And out of the smoke (5,2,12) locusts came down _upon the earth,
   and were given power _like that of scorpions of the earth.

(voice 2)
   And they were told not to harm the grass _of the earth [3]
   or any plant
   or tree,
   but only those people who did not have the seal _of God _on their foreheads.
   And they were not given to kill them,
   but only to torture them _for five months,
   and the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion _when it strikes a man.


   And during those days men will seek death, but will not find it; [4]


   they will long to die, but death will elude them. [5]


   And the locusts resembled horses prepared (2,7) for battle, [6]
   and on their heads they wore something like (1) crowns of gold,
   and their faces looked like (2) human faces,
   and their hair was like (3) women's hair,
   and their teeth were like (4) lions' teeth,
   and they had breastplates like (5) breastplates of iron,
   and the sound
        of their wings
               was like (6) the thundering
                      of many horses
                             and chariots
                                           into battle.
   And they had tails resembled(*) scorpions
   and stings,
   and in their tails they had the power to torment people for five months.
   They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss (3,7), whose name in Hebrew is «Abaddon»
   and in Greek «Apollyon».

(*) The seventh "like" does not appear as in Ap. 1,12-17a.

   _The first _woe _is past; _two other woes _are _yet to come _after that. [7]

6. Sixth trumpet: Second woe!

6. Vision 18: The army of the Euphrates

   1. (9,13-16)

   And the sixth angel sounded his trumpet;
   and I heard a voice
        coming from the horns
               of the altar
                      of gold
                             that is before God,
                                    who said
                                           to the sixth angel
   the one who had the trumpet:
   «Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates». (voice 3)

   And the four...
        And the four angels were released
        who had been kept prepared (3,7)
        for this very hour
        and day
        and month
        and year
        to kill a third of mankind.

   And the number of the mounted troops was two hundred million;
   I heard their number. (voice 4)

   2. (9,17)

   And I saw (18)
        the horses
               and riders
                      upon them
                             in my vision
                                    this way:
        their breastplates were fiery red,
        and dark blue,
        and yellow as sulphur;
        and the heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions,
        and out of their mouths came fire,
        and smoke (6,3,12)
        and sulphur.

   3. (9,18-21)

   A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues:

        by effect of the fire,
        and the smoke (7,3,12)
        and sulphur _that came out _of their mouth,
        for the power of the horses _was in their mouths
        and in their tails,
        for their tails _were like snakes, _having heads
        and with them they inflict injury.

   And the rest of mankind
        that were not killed
               by these plagues
                      still did not repent (9,6,12)
                             of the work
                                    of their hands
                                           stopping worship demons,
   and idols...

        and idols of gold
        and of silver
        and of bronze
        and of stone
        and of wood, which cannot see
        or hear
        or walk;

   and nor did they repent (10,6,12) of their murders,
   nor their magic arts,
   nor their fornication (2,7) sexual immorality
   nor their thefts.

7. Vision 19: Enoc and Elijah

   4. (10,1-4)

   And I saw (19) another mighty angel coming down from heaven, invested (6,12) with a cloud (2,7),
        and with a rainbow above his head,
        and his face was like the sun,
        and his feet were like fiery pillars,
   and he was holding a little scroll, which lay open in his hand.
   And he planted his right foot on the sea,
   and his left foot on the land,
   and he gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion.
   And when he shouted, the voices of the seven thunders spoke (3,12).
   And when the seven thunders spoke (4,12), I was about to write;
        and I heard a voice from heaven say: «Seal up what the seven thunders have said (voice 5)
        and do not write it down».

Poem of the two witnesses

   5. (10,5-7) (10,5-11,13) [1]-[7]
   And the angel I had seen standing on the sea
   and on the land raised his right hand to heaven.
   And he swore...
        And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever,
        who created the heavens
        and all that is in them,
        and the earth
        and all that is in it,
        and the sea
        and all that is in it, that there will be no more delay,

_but in the days .of the voice .of the seventh angel
_when he will be about to sound .the trumpet,
_the mystery _of God .will be accomplished,
_just as he announced .to his _servants _the prophets».

   6. (10,8-10) [2]

   And the voice that I had heard from heaven spoke (6,12) to me once more (voice 6)
        and said: _«Go, _take the scroll that is open _in the hand _of the angel
        _who is standing _on the sea _and on the land».
   And so I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll.
   And he said to me: _«Take it (voice 7)
        _and eat it,
        _and it will turn _your stomach sour,
        _but in your mouth _it will be as sweet _as honey».
   And I took the little scroll from the angel's hand
   and ate it,
   and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth,
   and when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour.

   7. (10,11;11,1-2) [3]

   Then I was told: «You must prophesy again about peoples (voice 8)
        and nations
        and languages
        and many kings». (voice 9)
   And I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told: «Go
   and measure the temple of God
        and the altar,
        and count the worshippers there.
   And exclude the outer court; take it out,
   and do not measure it
   because it has been given to the Gentiles.
   and they will trample on the holy city for 42 months».

   8. (11,3-6) [4]

   And I will give power to my two witnesses
   and they will prophesy for 1.260 days, invested (7,12) with sackcloth.
   These are the two olive trees
        and the two lampstands (7,7),
        that stand before the Lord of the earth.
   If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths
        and devours their enemies.
   If anyone tries to harm them, this is how this must die.
   These men have power to shut up the sky
        so that it will not rain during the time of his prophesy (2,7);
   and they have power over the water to turn the waters into blood
   and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want.

   9. (11,7-9) [5]

   And (1) when they have finished
               their testimony,
                      the beast
                             that comes up
                                    from the Abyss (4,7)
                                           will attack
   and (2) overpower
   and (3) kill them.
   And (4) their bodies will be in the streets of the great city,
        which is figuratively called Sodom and (5) Egypt,
   where also (6)(*) their Lord was crucified.
   And (7) men from every people
        and (8) tribe
        and (9) language
        and (10) nation,
        will gaze on their bodies for three and (11) a half days
   and (12) refuse them burial.

(*) "Also" comes from the same greek word than "and". Someone told that this line has been added to the original text, but with it the 12 "and" are in the verse.
   10. (11,10-11) [6]

   And the inhabitants of the earth will gloat _over them
   and will go merry,
   and will celebrate by sending _each other gifts,
   because these two prophets had tormented those who live on earth.
   And after the three _and a half days _a breath of life _from God entered them,
   and they stood on their feet,
   and terror struck those who saw them.
(voice 10)
 11. (11,12-13) And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them: «Come up here». [7]

   And they went up to heaven _in a cloud (3,7),
   and their enemies looked on.
   And at that very hour _there was a severe earthquake (3,7),
   and a tenth of the city collapsed,
   and seven thousand people were killed _in the earthquake (4,7),
   and the survivors were terrified
   and gave glory _to the God _of heaven.

   12. (11,14)

_The second _woe _has passed; _the third _woe _is coming _soon.

7. Seventh trumpet: Third woe


   And the seventh angel sounded his trumpet;
   and there were loud voices in heaven, _which said:
 .«The kingdom .of the world .has become the kingdom .of our Lord (voice 11)
   .and of his Christ (4,7).

   .and he will reign (2,7) _.for ever _and ever».
   And the twenty-four elders (10,5,12),
       _who were before
               of God
                             on their thrones,
                                           on their faces
   and worshipped God, _saying:

   (11,17-18) (voice 12)

             «We give thanks to you, Lord
             the [One who is] God
             the Almighty (3,9),
             the One who is
             and who was,
             because you have taken your great power (6,12)
             and have begun to reign (3,7),           

             "and the nations were angry,
             and your wrath has come,
             and the time has come _for judging the dead,
             and for rewarding _your servants _the prophets
             and your saints
             and those who reverence your name, both _the small _and the great,
             and for destroying those who destroy the earth».

V - The big war

1. The ark of the covenant

Poem of the woman and the dragon

   (11,19) (11,19-12,18) [1]-[7]
   And then the temple _of God _in heaven was opened,
   and the ark _of his covenant was seen _within his temple
   and there came flashes of lightning
   and rumblings
   and peals of thunder
   and an earthquake (5,7)
   and a great _hailstorm.

2. First great sign: The woman clothed with the sun

   And a great sign (1,7) appeared _in heaven:
   a Woman invested (8,12) with the sun.
   and with the moon under her feet
   and a crown _of twelve stars _on her head,
   and she was pregnant
   and cried out _in pain
   and because the pain _to give birth.

3. The red dragon

   And another sign (2,7) appeared _in heaven,
   and there before me _was an enormous red dragon
   which has seven heads
   and ten horns
   and seven crowns on his heads,
   and his tail swept a third _of the stars out _of the sky
   and flung them _to the earth.

   The dragon stood in front of the woman
        who was about to give birth,
   so that he might devour her child
        the moment it was born.
   And she gave birth to a son, a male child,
   who will rule all the nations with an iron sceptre;
   and her child was snatched
        up to God
        and to his throne.
_And the woman _fled _into the desert
        _where she has _a place _prepared (4,7) _by God,
   where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

   And there was war in heaven. Michael
        and his angels fought against the dragon,
   and the dragon fought back,
   and his angels with him,
   and he was not strong enough,
   and they lost their place in heaven,
   and the great dragon was hurled down,
        the ancient serpent,
        called the devil
        and Satan,
        who leads the whole world astray, was hurled to the earth,
   and his angels with him.

   (12,10-12) Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: [6]

   «Now have come... (voice 1)
             «Now have come the salvation
             and the power (7,12)
             and the kingdom of our God,

   "and the authority of his Christ (5,7),
        for the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down,
        he, who accuses them before our God day and night.
_And they _overcame him _by the blood _of the Lamb [11,12,28]
       _and by the word _of their _testimony,
   and they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
   "Therefore rejoice, you heavens,
        and you who dwell in them;
   but woe to the earth
        and the sea
   because the devil
               has gone down
                      to you
                             filled with fury,
                                    knowing (11,12)
                                           that his time
                                                  is short».

   And when the dragon saw
               that he had been hurled
                      to the earth,
                             he pursued
                                    the woman
                                           who had given birth
                                                  to the male child.
   And the woman...
             And the woman was given the two wings _of a great eagle,
             so that she might fly to the desert,
             to her place,
             where she would be taken care of _for a time,
             and times
             and half _a time,
             away _from of the face _of the serpent.

_And the serpent _from his mouth _spewed _water _like a river _behind the woman,
       _to sweep her away with the river.
   And the earth helped the woman,
        and the earth opened its mouth,
        and swallowed the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.
   And then the dragon was enraged at the woman,
   and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring,
        those who obey God's commandments
        and hold to the testimony of Jesus (6,14).
   And I stood on the shore of the sea.

4. Vision 20: The beast from the sea

Poem of the two beasts

   (13,1-3a) (13,1-18) [1]-[7]
   And I saw (20) a beast coming out of the sea,
        which had ten horns and seven heads,
   and ten crowns on his horns,
   and on each head a blasphemous name.
   And the beast I saw resembled a leopard,
        and had feet like those of a bear,
        and a mouth like that of a lion,
   and the dragon gave the beast his power (8,12)
        and his throne
        and great authority.
   And one of the heads of the beast seemed to have a fatal wound,
   and the fatal wound had been healed.

   And the whole world being astonished followed the beast.
   And worshipped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast,
   and they also worshipped the beast and asked:
        «Who is like the beast, (voice 2)
        and can make war against him?».
   And the beast was given a mouth to speak (7,12) proud words
        and blasphemies
   and to exercise his authority for forty-two months.
   And he opened his mouth to blaspheme God,
        to slander his name
   and his tabernacle,
        those who plant his tabernacle in heaven.

   And he was given power to make war against the saints,
   and to conquer them,
   and he was given authority over every tribe
   and people
   and language
   and nation.
   And all inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast,
        all whose names have not been written in the book
               of life
                      belonging to the Lamb [12,12,28]
                             that was beheaded,
                                    from the foundation
                                           of the world.
   He who has an ear, let him hear:
   If anyone wear into captivity,
   into captivity will go;
   if anyone kills with the sword,
   with the sword he will be killed.
   This calls for the patient endurance (6,7)
   and faithfulness on the part of the saints.

5. Vision 21: The beast from the earth

   And I saw (21) another beast, _coming out _of the earth,
   and he had two horns _like a lamb [29,28],
   and he spoke (8,12) like a dragon,
   and he exercised all the authority _of the first beast _on his behalf,
   and made the earth
   and its inhabitants worship the first beast,
   whose fatal wound had been healed.

   And he performed great signs (3,7),
   and even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth
        in full view of men.
   And he deceived the inhabitants of the earth,
        because of the signs (4,7) he was given power to do
        on behalf of the first beast.
   He ordered the inhabitants of the earth to set up an image in honour of the beast
        who was wounded by the sword
        and yet lived.
   And he was given power to give breath to the image of the beast,
   so that the image of the beast could speak (9,12)
   and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.

    He also...
             He also forced everyone,
             and great
             and rich
             and poor
             and free
             and slave to receive a mark (1,7)

        on his right hand
        or on his forehead,
   so that no one could buy
        or sell,
   unless he had the mark (2,7),
        which is the name of the beast
        or the number of his name.
   This calls for wisdom.
   If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast,
   for it is man's number.
   And his number is 666.(*)
(*) 666 is a triangular number: 666 = 1 + 2 + 3 +....+ 36. (36 = 6 times 6).

6. Vision 22: The Lamb and the 144,000


   And I saw (22),
   and there before me was the Lamb [1,9,28],
   standing on Mount Zion,
   and with him 144,000
   who had his name
   and his Father's name
   written on their foreheads.


   And I heard a sound from heaven (voice 3)
        like the roar of rushing waters
   and like a loud peal of thunder,
   and the sound I heard was like that of harpists
        playing their harps.
   And they sang a new song
        before the throne
   and before the four living creatures
   and the elders (11,6,12);
   And no one could learn the song,
        except the 144,000
        who had been redeemed from the earth.


   These are those who did not defile themselves _with women, _for they kept themselves pure.
   They follow the Lamb [2,9,28] _wherever he goes.
   They were purchased _from among men
   and offered as firstfruits to God
   and the Lamb [3,9,28],
   and no lie was found _in their mouths;
   they are blameless.

7. Vision 23: The cry of the angels.

Poem of the Son of man

   (14,6-7) (14,6-20) [1]-[7]
   And I saw (23) an angel (1)
                      in midair,
                             who had the eternal gospel
                                    to proclaim
                                           to those who live
                                                  on the earth,
   to every nation
        and tribe
        and language
        and people, who said in a loud voice:
   «Fear God (voice 4)
   and give him glory,
   because the hour _of his judgment _has come;
   and worship _him who made _the heavens
        and the earth
        and the sea
   and the springs _of water».

   (14,8) That verse has only 6 lines. 6 is related to Babylon.
   And another second angel (2) followed saying:
   «Fallen (voice 5)
   Fallen is
   Babylon (1,6)
   the Great,
   which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her fornication (3,7)».

   And (1) a third angel (3) followed them and said in a loud voice:
   «If anyone worships the beast
        and (2) his image (voice 6)
   and (3) receives his mark (3,7)
        on the forehead
        or on the hand,
   he, too (4), will drink of the wine of God's fury,
        which has been poured into the coup of his wrath,
   and (5) he will be tormented with fire
        and (6) burning sulphur
   in the presence of the holy angels
   and (7) in the presence of the Lamb [4,9,28].

   And the smoke (8,4,12) _of their torment rises for ever _and ever,
   and there is no rest _day _or night _for those who worship the beast
   and his image,
   and for anyone who receives the mark (4,7) of his name.
   This calls for endurance (7,7) on the part of the saints
   who obey God's commandments
   and remain faithful to Jesus (7,14)».

   And I heard a voice _from heaven _say:
   «Write: (voice 7)
   Blessed (2,7) are the dead _who die in the Lord _from now on.
   says the Spirit,
   they will rest _from their labour,
   for their deeds will follow them».

VI - The doom of Babylon

1. Vision 24: The reap of the corn and the grape harvest

(*) The son of man in the middle of the angels substitutes the angel 4 in between Ap. 14,6 and Ap. 14,20.
   And I saw (24),
   and there before me was a white cloud (4,7),
   and seated on the cloud (5,7) was one like a son of man,(*)
         with a crown of gold on his head
   and a sharp (3,7) sickle (1,7) in his hand.
   And another angel (5)
               came out
                      of the temple
                                    in a loud voice
                                           to him who was sitting
                                                  on the cloud (6,7):
       «_Take your sickle (2,7) (voice 1)-1
        _and reap,
        _because the time _to reap has come,
        _for the harvest _of the earth _is ripe».
   And he who was seated on the cloud (7,7) swung his sickle (3,7) over the earth,
   and the earth was harvested.

   (14,17-20) [7]

   And another angel (6)
               came out of the temple
                      in heaven,
                                    too had
                                           a sharp (4,7)
                                                  sickle (4,7).
   And another angel (7) came from the altar,
        who had charge of the fire,
   and called in a loud voice to him who had the sharp (5,7) sickle (5,7):
       «_Take your sharp (6,7) _sickle (6,7), (voice 2)-2
       _and gather the clusters _of grapes _from the earth's vine,
       _because its grapes _are ripe».
   And the angel swung his sickle (7,7) on the earth,
   and gathered the grapes of the earth,
   and threw them into the great winepress of God's wrath.
   And they were trampled in the winepress outside the city,
        and blood
                      flowed out
                             of the press,
                                    rising as high as the bridles
                                           of the horses
                                                  for a distance
                                                         of 1,600 stadia(*) .
(*) 1 stadia = 177.6 m. 1600 = 40 x 40 stadia square.

2. Vision 25: Second wondrous sign: Seven angels


    And I saw (25) _in heaven _another sign (5,7),
    and marvellous

   .seven angels

   .who had ._the seven plagues,

   .the last ones,

   .because with them ._God's wrath ._is completed.

3. Vision 26: The sea of glass


   And saw (26) what looked like a sea of glass
        mixed with fire
   and those who had been victorious over the beast
   and his image
   and over the number of his name,
        standing beside the sea
        the one of glass
        holding harps of God
   And sang the song of Moses,
        the servant of God
   and the song of the Lamb [5,9,28], saying:
   «Great... (voice 3)-3

             «Great and marvellous are your deeds,
                  the [one who are] God
                  the Almighty.(4,9)
              Just and true are your ways,
                  King of the nations!
              Who will not fear you, O Lord,
                  and bring glory to your name?
              For you alone are holy,
              for all nations will come
              and worship before you,
              for your righteous acts have been revealed».

4. Vision 27 and 28: The seven bowls

   1. (15,5-8;16,1)

   And after this I saw (27),
   and in heaven the temple of the tabernacle of the Testimony, was opened,
   and out of the temple
                      the seven angels
                             with the seven plagues,
                                    dressed in
                                                  shining linen,
        and wore golden sashes round their chests.
   And one
         of the four _living creatures
                      to the seven angels
                               seven bowls (2,12) _of gold
                                    filled (4,7) _with the wrath _of God,
                                                    who lives for ever _and ever.
   And the temple was filled with smoke (9,5,12) from the glory of God
        and from his power (9,12),
   and no one
                             the temple
                                    until the seven plagues
                                           of the seven angels
                                                  were completed.
_And I heard _a loud voice .from the temple
        _saying .to the seven .angels:
        _«Go, (voice 4)-4
        _and pour out _the seven bowls (3,12) _of God's .wrath .on the earth».

   2. (16,2-3)

   And the first angel went
   and poured out his bowl (4,12) _on the land,
   and ugly
       _and painful
                      broke out
                             on the people
                                    who had the mark (5,7)
                                           of the beast
   and worshipped his image.

   And the second angel poured out his bowl (5,12) _on the sea,
   and it turned into blood _like that of a dead man,
   and every living thing _in the sea died.

   3. (16,4-7)

   And the third angel poured out his bowl (6,12) on the rivers
       and springs of water,
   and they became blood.
   And I heard the angel in charge of the waters say: «You are just, (voice 5)-5
        you who are
        and who were,
        the Holy One,
        because you have so judged;
   for they have shed the blood of your saints and prophets,
   and you have given them blood to drink,
   they are worthy (7,7)».
   And I heard...
             And I heard the altar respond:
             «Yes, (voice 6)-6
             the [one who is] God
             the Almighty (5,9),
             and just are your judgments».

   4. (16,8-9)

   And the fourth angel poured out his bowl (7,12) _on the sun,
   and the sun was given power to scorch people _with fire.
   And they were seared _by the intense heat
   and they cursed the name
   the one of God,
   who has control _over these plagues,
   and they refused to repent (11,7,12) _for glorify him.

   5. (16,10-11)

   And the fifth angel poured out his bowl (8,12) _on the throne _of the beast,
   and his kingdom was plunged into darkness.
   and they gnawed their tongues in agony _because of the fury of their pains,
   and cursed the God _of heaven
   because of their pains
   and because of their sores,
   and they refused to repent (12,7,12) _of what they had done.

   6. (16,12-16)

   And the sixth angel poured out his bowl (9,12) on the great river Euphrates,
   and its water
               was dried up
                      to prepare (5,7)
                             the way
                                    for the kings
                                           from the rising
   And I saw (28) three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon,
        and out of the mouth of the beast
        and out of the mouth of the false prophet,
        as they are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs (6,7),
   who go out to the kings
               of the whole world,
                      to gather them
                             for the battle
                                    on the great day
                                           of God
                                                  Almighty (6,9).
   «Behold, I come (4,7) like a thief:
   blessed (3,7) is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes (5,7) with him,
        so that he may not go naked
        and be shamefully exposed».
   And they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.

   7. (16,17-19a)

   And the seventh angel poured out his bowl (10,12) into the air,
   and out of the temple came a loud voice
        from the throne, saying:
   «It is done!». (voice 7)-7
   And there came flashes of lightning
        and rumblings
        and peals of thunder;
   and there came a big earthquake (6,7),
        as no one has ever been since man has been on earth,
        a tremendous was the earthquake (7,7) so big.
   And the great city split into three parts,
   and the cities of the nations collapsed.


   And God remembered Babylon (2,6) the Great
   to gave her the cup _of the wine _of the fury _of the wrath _of Him.
   And every island fled away
   and the mountains could not be found.
   And from the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men.
   And they cursed God _because the plague of hail,
   so terrible was the plague.

5. Vision 29: The vision of Babylon

Poem of Babylon

   (17,1-5) (17,1-18) [1]-[7]

    And one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls (11,12) came [1]
    and spoke (10,12) to me saying:
   _«Come, (voice 1)-8
       _I will show you the punishment _of the great prostitute,
       _who sits _on many waters.
       _With her the kings _of the earth committed adultery
   .and the inhabitants .of the earth .were intoxicated .with the wine .of her fornication (4,7).
    And he carried me away in the Spirit into a desert.
    And I saw (29) a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, filled (5,7) with blasphemous names
         that had seven heads
         and ten horns.
    And the woman...
             And the woman was invested (9,12) with purple
                  and scarlet,
             and was glittering with gold,
                  and precious stones
                  and pearls,
             holding a golden cup in her hand, filled (6,7) with abominable things
                  and the filth of her fornication (5,7),
             and this title was written on her forehead:
             BABYLON (3,6) THE GREAT

6. Vision 30: The mystery's explanation

   And I saw (30) that the woman was drunk _with the blood _of the saints
   and the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus (8,14).
   And when I saw her, I was astonished _with a great astonishement. (voice 2)-9
   And the angel said to me: «Why are you astonished?. I will explain to you the mystery _of the woman
   and the beast _that brings her,
   which has the seven heads
   and ten horns: [3]-[7]

   "The beast, which you saw, once was,
        and now is not,
   and will come up out of the Abyss (5,7)
   and go to his destruction;
   and the inhabitants of the earth
        whose names have not been written in the book of life
        from the creation of the world will be astonished
        when they see the beast
   because he once was
        and now is not
   and yet will come.
   This calls for a mind with wisdom.

   "The seven heads are seven hills
        on which the woman sits,
   and they are also seven kings.
   Five have fallen,
   one is,
   the other has not yet come;
        and when he does come, he must remain for a little while.
   "The beast who once was,
        and now is not,
   also he is an eighth king,
        and he belongs to the seven,
        and is going to his destruction.

   And the ten horns you saw are ten kings,
        who have not yet received a kingdom,
        but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast.
   They have one purpose
   and will give their power (10,12)
        and authority to the beast.
   They will make war against the Lamb [6,9,28],
   and the Lamb [7,9,28] will overcome them because he is Lord of lords
   and King of kings,
   and with him will be his called,
        and chosen
        and faithful followers».

   And [the angel] said to me:
   «The waters you saw,
   where the prostitute sits,
   are peoples
   and multitudes,
   and nations
   and languages.

   "And the ten horns you saw
        and the beast, will hate the prostitute,
   and they will bring her to ruin
        and leave her naked
   and will eat her flesh (1,7)
        and burn her with fire,
   for God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose,
   and to make only one purpose,
   and to give the beast their kingdom
        until God's words are fulfilled.
   And the woman you saw is the great city
        the one that rules over the kings of the earth».

7. Vision 31: The ruin of Babylon

   (18,1-3) - 1 -

   After this
               I saw (31)
                      another angel
                             coming down
                                    from heaven,
                                           who had
                                                  great authority,
        and the earth was illuminated by his splendour.
   And with a mighty voice he shouted: «Fallen! (voice 3)-10
        Fallen is Babylon (4,6)
        the Great,
   and she has become a home for demons
   and a haunt for every unclean spirit,
   and a haunt for every unclean
        and detestable bird,
        for all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her fornication (6,7),
   and the kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
   and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her luxury's power (11,12)».

Poem of the Babylon's punishment

   (18,4-7a) - 2 - (18,4-21) [1]-[7]
(voice 4)-11
   And I heard another voice from heaven say: «Come out of her, my people, [1]
        so that you will not share in her sins,
        so that you will not receive any of her plagues,
   for her sins are piled up to heaven,
        and God has remembered her crimes.
   "Give back to her as she has given,
   pay her back double for what she has done;
   mix her a double portion from her own cup.
   Give her as much torture
        and grief
   as the glory
        and luxury she gave herself.

(*) This "certainly never" will have seven contestations from Ap. 18,14 until Ap. 18,24. On top of that the verb "to see" does not appear until Ap. 19,11, where the Heaven is opened.
   (18,7b-8) - 3 - [2]

   In her heart she boasts:
   "I sit as queen
   and I am not a widow,
   and I will certainly never(*) mourn;
   therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:
        and mourning
        and famine,
   and she will be consumed by fire;
   for mighty Lord
        [is] the God
        who judges her».

   (18,9-10) - 4 - [3]

   And they will weep
   and they will mourn over her, the kings of the earth,
   they who committed adultery with her
        and shared her luxury,
   when they see the smoke (10,6,12) of her burning,
   terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry:
        O great city,
        O Babylon (5,6),
        city of strength,
   for in one hour your doom has come!».

   (18,11-13) - 5 - [4]
   And the merchants (1)
        of the earth
               will weep
                      and mourn
                             over her
                                    because no one buys their cargoes
                                           any more,

                       (8 luxurious articles)                     
                       cargoes of gold
                       and silver
                       and precious stones
                       and pearls
                       and fine linen
                       and purple
                       and silk
                       and scarlet cloth;                     

                       (6 building articles)                     
                       and every sort of citron wood
                       and articles of every kind made of ivory
                       and costly wood
                       and bronze
                       and iron
                       and marble;                     

                       (5 perfumes)                     
                       and cinnamon
                       and spice
                       and incense
                       and myrrh
                       and frankincense;                     

                        (4 food articles)                     
                       and wine
                       and olive oil,
                       and fine flour
                       and wheat;                     

                       (4 farmer elements)                     
                       and cattle
                       and sheep
                       and horses
                       and carriages;                     

                        (2 human elements)                     
                       and bodies
                       and souls of men.

(The series has been: 8 6 5 4 4 2, instead of 7 (4+3) 6 5 4 3 2. The 3, which signifies God, does not appear).

   (18,14-15) - 6 - [5]

   And the fruit _you longed for is gone from you.
   and all your riches
   and splendour have vanished,
   and certainly never (1) to be recovered.
   The merchants of these things _who gained their wealth from her
   will stand far off, _terrified at her torment _weeping
   and mourning, _saying:

   (18,16-17a) - 7 -

             _«Woe!, _Woe, _O great city, _invested (10,12) with fine linen,
             and purple
             and scarlet,
             and glittering with gold
             and precious stones
             and pearls
             for in one hour _such great wealth has been brought to ruin!».

   (18,17b-19) - 8 - [6]

   And every sea captain,
        and all who travel by ship,
        and the sailors,
        and all who earn their living from the sea, will stand far off,
   and when they see the smoke (11,6,12) of her burning, they will exclaim:
   «Was there ever a city like this great city?».
   And they will throw dust on their heads,
   and with weeping
        and mourning cry out:
   «Woe!, Woe!, O great city,
        where all who had ships on the sea became rich through her wealth,
   for in one hour she has been brought to ruin!».

   (18,20) - 9 - [7]

   Rejoice over her,
   O heaven!,
   And the saints
   and the apostles
   and the prophets,
   for God has judged
   your judjement against her.

   (18,21-24) - 10 -

   And then a mighty angel picked up a boulder
   large _like of a millstone
   and threw it _into the sea, _saying:
   «This way _with violence _Babylon (6,6) will be thrown down, (voice 5)-12
   the great city,
   and certainly never (2) to be found again(*)
   And the...
(*) The word "Babylon" does not appear any more after the sixth time.      

        "And the music of harpists
             and musicians
             and flute players
             and trumpeters will certainly never (3) be heard in you again,
        and workman of any trade will certainly never (4) be found in you again,
        and the sound of a millstone will certainly never (5) be heard in you again,
        and the light of a lamp will certainly never (6) shine in you again,
        and the voice of bridegroom and bride will certainly never (7) be heard in you again,
        for your merchants were the world's great men,
             for by your magic spell all the nations were led astray,
        and in her was found the blood of prophets and of the saints,
             and of all who have been beheaded on the earth».

Poem of the hallelujah in Heaven

   (19,1a) - 11 - (19,1-8)[1]-[7]

   After this [1]
        I heard
               in heaven
                      what sounded like the roar
                             of a great multitude
  (voice 6)-1
   and glory
   and power (12,12) _belong to our God,
   for true _and just are his judgments,
   for he has condemned the great prostitute
   who corrupted the earth _by her fornication (7,7),
   and he has avenged _on her the blood _of his servants».

   (19,3a) [3]

   And again they shouted: «Hallelujah!» (voice 7)-2

   (19,3b-4) [4]

   And the smoke (12,7,12) from her goes up for ever and ever,
   and the twenty-four elders (12,7,12) fell down,
   and the four living creatures,
   and worshiped God,
   who was seated on the throne craying:

   (19,5) [5]

   And a voice came from the throne,
               «Praise our God, (voice 8)-3
                      all you his servants,
                             all who fear him,
                                    both small
                                           and great!».
   (19,6) [6]

   And I heard like the voice _of a great multitude,
   and like the roar _of rushing waters
   and like loud peals _of thunder, _shouting:
   «Hallelujah! (voice 9)-4
   For our Lord _reigns (4,7),
   the [One who is] our God
   the Almighty (7,9).

   (19,7-8) [7]

   "Let us rejoice
   and be glad
   and give him glory!
   For the wedding _of the Lamb [8,9,28] has come,
   and his bride has made herself prepared (6,7),
   and was given her to be invested (11,12) _with fine linen,
                                              _and clean».
   For fine linen stands for the righteous acts _of the saints.

   (19,9-10) - 12 -

   And he said to me: (voice 10)-5
                      Blessed (4,7)
                             are those
                                    who are invited
                                           to the wedding
                                                         of the Lamb [9,9,28]».
   And he said to me: (voice 11)-6
        «These are the true words of God».
   And I fell at his feet to worship him.
   And he said to me: (voice 12)-7
        «do not do it!
   I am a fellow-servant with you
        and with your brothers
        who hold to the testimony of Jesus (9,14).
   Worship God.
   For the testimony of Jesus (10,14) is the spirit of prophecy (3,7)».

VII - The New Jerusalem

1. Vision 32: King of kings

   (19,11-13) - 1 -

   And I saw (32) heaven standing open
   and there before me was a white horse,
   whose rider is called Faithful
        and True,
        and with justice he judges
        and makes war.
   His eyes are like blazing fire,
   and on his head are many crowns,
        he has a name written on him
        that no one knows (12,12) but he himself,
   and he is invested (12,12) with a cloth (6,7) dipped in blood,
   and his name has been named the Word of God.

   (19,14-16) - 2 -

_And the armies _of heaven _were following him, _riding on white horses _dressed in
                                           fine linen,
   And out of his mouth comes a sharp (7,7) sword with which to strike down the nations;
   and he will rule them with an iron sceptre;
_and he treads _the winepress _of the wine _of the fury _of the wrath _of God _Almighty (8,9).
   And on his cloth (7,7)
   and on his thigh a name written: King of kings
   and Lord of lords. .rc 1 ’

2. Vision 33: The big banquet

Poem of the end of History

   (19,17-18) - 3 - (19,17-20,10) [1]-[7]

   And I saw (33) an angel standing in the sun, [1]
   and he cried in a load voice to all the birds flying in mid-air:
   «Come, (voice 1)
        gather together for the great supper of God, so that you may eat the flesh (2,7) of kings,
   and the flesh (3,7) of generals,
   and the flesh (4,7) of mighty [men],
   and the flesh (5,7) of horses
        and their riders,
   and the flesh (6,7) of all people, free
        and slave,
        and small
        and great».

3. Vision 34: The beast is conquered

   (19,19-21) - 4 -

   And I saw (34) the beast [2]
   and the kings of the earth
   and their armies gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse
        and against his army.
   And the beast was captured,
   and with him the false prophet who had performed the miraculous signs (7,7) on his behalf,
        deluding those who had received the mark (6,7) of the beast
        and worshiped his image:
        the two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur.
   And the rest of them were killed with the sword of the rider on the horse,
        the one that came out of his mouth
   and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh (7,7).

4. Vision 35: The dragon is tied

   (20,1-3) - 5 -

   And I saw (35) an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss (6,7) [3]
        and holding in his hand a great chain.
   And he seized the dragon, the ancient serpent,
        who is the devil
        and Satan,
   and bound him for a thousand years,
   and he threw him into the Abyss (7,7),
   and locked
   and sealed it over him,
        to keep him from deceiving the nations any more
        until the thousand years were ended.
   After that, he must be set free for a short time.

5. Vision 36: The king of the thousand years

   (20,4) - 6 -

   And I saw (36) thrones [4]
   and they were seated on it,
   and to them had been given authority to judge;
   and the souls of those who had been beheaded
        because of their testimony for Jesus (11,14)
        and because of the word of God;
   and they who had not worshiped the beast
        or his image
   and had not received his mark (7,7) on their foreheads
        and on their hands;
   and they came to life
        and reigned (5,7) with Christ (6,7) for a thousand years.

   (20,5-6) - 7 -

   The rest of the dead did not come to life [5]
   until the thousand years were ended.
   This is the first resurrection.
   Blessed (5,7) _and holy _are those have part in the first resurrection;
   the second dead has no power over them,
   but they will be priests _of God _and of Christ (7,7)
   and will reign (6,7) with him _for a thousand years.

   (20,7-8) - 8 -

 .And when .the thousand years .are over, ._Satan .will be released .from his .prison, [6]
   and will go out _to deceive the nations
   which are in the four corners _of the earth,
   and Magog,
   to gather them _for battle.
   In number they are like the sand _on the seashore.

   (20,9-10) - 9 -

   And they marched across the breadth of the earth [7]
   and surrounded the camp of God's people,
         and the city he loves,
   and fire came down from heaven
         and devoured them,
   and the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of fire
         and sulphur,
   where there were also the beast
         and the false prophet,
   and they will be tormented day
         and night
   for ever and ever.

6. Vision 37 and 38: The final judgement

   (20,11-15) - 10 -

   And I saw (37) a great white throne [*1*]
   and him who was seated on it; [*2*]
        and sky fled from his presence,
   and there was no place for them. [*3*]

   And I saw (38) the dead,
        and small, standing before the throne,
   and books were opened;
   and another book was opened,
        which is the book of life;
   and the dead
               were judged
                      about the things
                             what they had done
                                    according to
                                           what was recorded
                                                  in the books.

- 11 -

   And the sea gave up the dead _that were in it,
   and the death _and the Hades gave up the dead _that were in them,
   and each one was judged _according to what he had done.
   And the death _and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire.
   This is the second death:
   the lake of fire.
   And if anybody was not found
               in the book
                      of life,
                             he was thrown
                                    into the lake
                                           of fire.

7. Vision 39 and 40: The new Jerusalem

   (21,1-5a) - 12 -

   And I saw (39) a new heaven [*4*]
   and a new earth; _for the first heaven [*5*]
   and the first earth had passed away, [*6*]
   and the sea does not exist any more. [*7*]

   And I saw (40)
        the Holy City,
               _the new Jerusalem,
                      coming down out of heaven
                             from God,
                                    _prepared (7,7) as a bride
                                           _beautifully dressed for her husband.
   And I heard...
             And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying:
             «Now the tabernacle of God is with men, (voice 2)
             and he will live with them,
             and they will be his people,
             and He himself will be their God with them.
             and he will wipe every tear from their eyes,
             and the death will not exist any more;
                  nor mourning
                  nor crying
                  nor pain
                  will exist anymore,
                  for the old order of things has passed away». (voice 3)

   And he who was seated on the throne said: _«I am making everything new!».

   (21,5b-8) - 1 -

   Then he said: «Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true». (voice 4)
   He said to me: «It is done!. (voice 5)
   I am the Alpha and the Omega,
        the Beginning and the End.
_To him who is thirsty _I _will give to drink _for free _from the spring _of the water _of life.
   He who overcomes will inherit all this things,
        and I will be his God,
        and he will be my son.
   But the...
        But the cowardly
        and the unbelieving
        and the vile
        and the murderers
        and those who fornicate
        and the magicians
        and the idolaters

        and all liars,
        their place will be in the fiery Lake which burns with fire and sulphur,
   which is the second death».

   (21,9-11) - 2 -

_And one _of the seven angels _came
        _who had _the seven bowls (12,12) full (7,7) _of the seven _last plagues
   .and spoke (11,12) with me .saying:
   .«Come, (voice 6)
        .I will show you .the bride,
        .the wife .of the Lamb [1,7,28]».
_And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great
        _and high mountain,
_and showed me the Holy City, _Jerusalem,
_which was coming down out of heaven _from God _having the glory of God.

   .Its .brilliance .was like that of a very precious .jewel,
        .like a jasper, .clear .as crystal.

Poem of Jerusalem

   (21,12-14) - 3 - (21,12-22,5) [1]-[7]
   It had a great
   and high wall which had twelve gates,
   and with twelve angels at the gates,
   and written names
        which are the ones of the twelve tribes of Israel.
   Three gates on the east
        and on the north, three gates,
        and on the south, three gates,
        and on the west, three gates.
   And the wall of the city had twelve foundations,
   and on them twelve names,
        of the twelve apostles of the Lamb [2,7,28].

   (21,15-17) - 4 - [2]

_The angel who spoke (12,12) to me _had as a measure _a rod _of gold
       _to measure the city,
       _and its gates
       _and its walls.
   .And the city .was laid out .like a square,
   .and its length .was like its width.

_And he measured _the city _with the rod _as 12,000 estadia(*) in length;
_the length
       _and the width
       _and its height were equal.
   .And he measured .its wall: .144 cubits(*) , .man's measurement,
   .which is of angel.

(*) 1 estadia = 177.6 m.   1 cubit = 0.444 m.
   (21,18-23) - 5 - [3]

   And the wall was made of jasper,
   and the city of pure gold as pure as glass.
   The foundations
        of the walls
               of the city
                                    with every kind
                                           of precious stone:
   The first...
             The first foundation was jasper,
             the second sapphire,
             the third chalcedony,
             the fourth emerald,
             the fifth sardonyx,
             the sixth carnelian,
             the seventh chrysolite,
             the eighth beryl,
             the ninth topaz,
             the tenth chrysoprase,
             the eleventh jacinth,
             the twelfth amethyst.

   And the twelve gates were twelve pearls,
   each gate made of a single pearl.
   And the great street of the city was of pure gold, like transparent glass.

   (21,22-23) - 6 - [4]

   And I did not see a temple in the city, _because the Lord
   the [One who is] God
   the Almighty _is its temple,
   and the Lamb [3,7,28].
   And the city does not need the sun _or the moon _to shine _on it,
   for the glory of God gives it light,
   and the Lamb [4,7,28] is its lamp.

   (21,24-27) - 7 - [5]

   And the nations will walk by its light,
   and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it.
   And on no day will its gates ever be shut,
        for there will be no night there;
   and the glory
        and honour of the nations will be brought into it.
   and certainly nothing impure will ever enter it,
   nor will anyone who does what is shameful
        or deceitful,
   but only those whose names are written in the book
        of life
        of the Lamb [5,7,28].

   (22,1-3a) - 8 - [6]

   And he showed me the river of water of life,
        as clear as crystal,
   flowing from the throne of God
        and of the Lamb [6,7,28].
   Down the middle of the great street;
   and on one side
        and on the other side of the river
        [stood] the tree of life,
   which bears twelve crops of fruit,
        yielding its fruit every month,
   and the leaves of the tree are for healing of the nations.
   And no longer will there be any curse.

   (22,3b-5) - 9 - [7]

   And the throne of God
        and of the Lamb [7,7,28] will be in the city,
   and his servants will serve him,
   and they will see his face,
   and his name will be on their foreheads.
   And there will be no more night,
   and they will not need the light of a lamp
        or the light of the sun,
        for the Lord God will give them light,
   and they will reign (7,7)
        for ever
        and ever.

   (22,6-7) - 10 -
(voice 7)
   And he said to me:
   «..These words .are trustworthy
   ..and true,
   ..and the Lord, _..the God .of the spirits .of the prophets, _..sent his angel
   ..to show his servants .the things _..that must soon .take place».

   «.Behold, .I am coming (5,7) soon!.
   .Blessed (6,7) is .he who keeps .the words _.of the prophecy (4,7) _.of this book».

   (22,8-9) - 11 -
(voice 8)
   And I John,
        am the one who heard
        and saw these things.
   .And when I had heard
        .and seen them,
        .I fell down .to worship .at the feet .of the angel(*) .who had been showing them to me.
   And he said to me:
   «..Be careful, .do not .do it,
        ..I am a fellow-servant .with you
   ..and with your brothers ..the prophets
   ..and of all who keep .the words ..of this book.
   ..Worship .God!».

(*) Somebody has told that these words are a repetition of Ap. 19,10, because it can not be well explained how it can be that Saint John could make the same error. But it can not be a copy error if these completes precisely twelve estrofes. By the way the problem can be solved easilly thinking that this second angel was very much perfect than the former.
   (22,10-11) - 12 -
(voice 9)
   And he said to me:
   _«Do not seal up _the words _of the prophecy (5,7) _of this book,
   _because the time _is _near.
   Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong,
   and let him who is vile continue to be vile,
   and let him who does right continue to do right,
   and let him who is holy continue to be holy».


The last words of Jesus Christ

   1. (22,12) - IV - [III includes from Ap.2,1 until Ap.22,11]

 _Behold, _I am coming (6,7) soon, 1.[1]
_and my reward _is with me, 2.[2]
                _to give to everyone _according to what _he has done.

   2. (22,13)

 _I am _the Alpha _and the Omega, 3.[3]
_the First _and the Last, 4.[4]
_the Beginning _and the End. 5.[5]

   3. (22,14-15)

   Blessed (7,7) are those who wash their tunics, 6.[6]
        that they may have the right
               to the tree
                      of life
                             and may go
                                    through the gates
                                           into the city.
    Outside are the dogs, 7.[7]
         the magicians, [8]
         those who fornicate, [9]
         the murderers, [10]
         the idolaters [11]
         and everyone who loves _and practises falsehood. [12]

   4. (22,16a) - V -

_I, _Jesus (12,14), _have sent _my angel _to give you _this testimony _for the churches.

   5. (22,16b-17) - VI -

   I am the Root
   and the Offspring of David,
   and the bright Morning Star»
   And the Spirit
        and the bride say:
   And let him who hears say:
   And whoever is thirsty,
        let him come;
   whoever wishes,
        let him take the free gift of the water of life.

   6. (22,18-19) - VII -

   I warn everyone who hears the words _of the prophecy (6,7) _of this book:
   If anyone adds anything to them,(*)
   God will add to him the plagues described in this book.
   And if anyone takes words away _from this book _of prophecy (7,7),
   God will take away from him his share in the tree _of life
   and in the holy city,
   which are described in this book.

(*) A lot of bad translations, willing "optimize" the Saint John's style, make impossible recognizing the poetical structure, which can be seen easilly in the Greek original. Only for that is really true that no word can be added or deleted. Saint John's epilogue

   7. (22,20-21) - 7 - [6 includes from Ap.1,12 until Ap.22,19]

   He who testifies to these things says:
   I am coming (7,7) _soon».
   Lord _Jesus (13,14).
   The grace _of the Lord _Jesus (14,14) _be with all of you.

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